We can get you connected efficiently and effectively

Starting a new construction project? Pumpjack Power has a history of getting companies connected to the grid in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Projects Completed



Capacity Added

172,831 kw - 231,785 hp, 173 mw


Time to Completion

1.5 - 3 months

How we work with your company

Pumpjack Power acts as an extension of your company by managing your project portfolios directly with the utility companies. We submit load sheets on your behalf and take the lead on managing your projects.

At the same time, Pumpjack Power looks to the future by making sure enough load is available per new field development timelines to keep you powered up and moving forward.

Pumpjack Power and the Utility Companies

Pumpjack Power works closely with utility companies to provide solutions that not only work for Pumpjack Power customers but that benefit the utility companies as well.

We maintain a direct line of communication to get accurate timelines and information to meet our customer's requested completion dates.

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