Pumpjack Power customers understand the value of

good communication.

Pumpjack Power is the ONLY supplier focused on addressing the needs of the Oil & Gas Industry in Texas. We offer customized products and services designed around your specific needs to save you time and money.

"We knew we were being overcharged for power but never could find people to talk to to get it straightened out. After we met with the Pumpjack Power team, they took over and started making things happen and we cut our power costs by 2/3rds on one lease."

Keith Bucy - GM Permian Deep Rock

"The biggest difference with us is that they understand the oil and gas business...In the past, when you submitted a load sheet and asked for power it went into a black hole...Now, we call Pumpjack Power and get up to date information."

"We've got huge savings on our electrical costs, and they push our projects forward and keep us informed of timing..."

Michael Shane Byrd - TPWR